Believe in yourself. You got this. 

You are fierce. You are free. You are passionate and playful, kind and caring, sexy and gorgeous. You’re all this and more. It’s time to fire you up again. Time to unleash your real beauty. Time to love yourself again babe, because girl, you deserve it. 

Own it. Heal it. Boss it

You are you. The girl you’re meant to be

Wherever you are right now, I encourage you live life on your terms. Confidence, 
happiness, positivity and strength – whatever you need assistance with, I’m here. 

If you want to reconnect with yourself or rekindle your fire, I’m here. If you want to find your sassiness and sexiness or change your outlook and attitudes, I’m here. If you want to recover, to mend, to feel, I’m here. I see you.

Together, we’ll heal deep emotional traumas and learn how to embrace self-care for yourself. Together we’ll bring that powerful, positive transformation to your life. 

Wherever you are girl, you are ready. 

let's do this

Me? I’m Michelle, Your Lifestyle Healing Coach 

I was like you. I am you. A momma and a daughter. A girl who’s faced challenges in life again and again. A woman who had to learn how to love herself and her life. 

I’ve faced death square in the eye. I’ve dealt with heartbreak, betrayal, trauma and abuse. I’ve had physical health diagnoses that could have destroyed my life. But I’ve overcome them all.

I know that whatever life throws at you, physical, emotional or mental health challenges - you CAN heal. And I want to show you how. 

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Help, Health and Healing That Works For You

We’re all different. All unique. We all heal in different ways, we grow in different ways and we benefit from different approaches. To some, I’m a friend and confidante, to others a guide and a teacher. I can be a calming presence or an inspirational energy. 

Whatever works best for you.

Heal Your Trauma 

Face your fears and embrace your emotions, before learning how to process your trauma and manifest positivity with one-to-one EFT support sessions.

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Align Your Energy

Banish the bad vibes and let the good ones flow through your body with healing that unblocks your internal energy points and re-aligns your spiritual form. 

Care For Yourself

Passion, pleasure and positivity all come from within. You don’t need permission to take time for yourself. Prioritise your self-care with healing sessions to free your mind and soul. 

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Girl, you f***ing got this  

Life is fierce, and so are you. Let’s light it up, live life on your terms and watch the magic unfold. 

Let’s start your journey