Made in the fire,

to dance through the storm 

I’ve been through hell and back – just like many of you. I’ve faced physical, emotional and mental traumas. And I’ve healed. I’ve learned, I’ve lived, I’ve loved. And now, I don’t just weather any storm that life throws at me, I dance through them. 

You can too.

A little about me

Hi, I’m Michelle. And honestly, my life was kinda shit. I was struggling through the day-to-day, diagnosed with ME (known as chronic fatigue syndrome), suffering from stomach ulcers and an underactive thyroid. And I was told I’d never have children thanks to my polycystic ovaries. 

I’d fainted at the wheel of my car and almost died. I was trying to come to terms with sexual abuse and I was looking at a future where I’d be on drugs for life. I was trapped, restricted, and unhappy. 

I just wanted to be free.  

So I made it happen. I built up the courage. I changed my mindset. 
I healed on an emotional level. I learnt how to truly take care of myself. I found the power to live my life without limits, 
positively, passionately, on my terms.

Now I’m over five years into my healing journey. Through the power of the emotional freedom technique, I’ve emptied my emotional backpack. I now feel light and free. I’ve learnt to love myself. I know how to deal with challenges of every kind. I’m drug-free, cyst-free and have a beautiful 4-year old boy. 

I healed my physical and emotional traumas. You can too.  

I discovered what it feels like to transform your body and your mind. To embrace your spirituality and your sexuality, to love yourself and your role in the universe. Now I want to empower you do the same girl. 

You know my story. What’s yours?

Why choose a healing lifestyle coach? 

• You’re feeling overwhelmed, constrained, or unhappy and struggling to cope 

• You want to overcome any physical, psychological or emotional traumas in your life 

• You want to regain your focus, rebalance your energy and clear your mind of worry 

• You’re dissatisfied with your life and want to make some powerful, positive changes 

• You just want to heal and take care of yourself but aren’t sure how 

• You want to find you freedom and really, truly live. 

Chica, I’m here for you 

How I can support you 

I want to listen to you. From calming and relaxing healing sessions, to inspiring, laughter-filled workshop, I want to bring the beauty back to your life babe and help you discover your power. Find the real you, reconnect with your intuition, and live life to its absolute fullest. It’s an adventure, and you deserve to enjoy every minute. 

One-to-One Healing

 Harness the power of spiritual healing and emotional freedom techniques to overcome the challenges in your life

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Dedicated Workshops

Join me for a selection of healing workshops focusing on every part of your life – from self-care to money and business

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A Calm, Warming Presence

Whatever you need, I’m here to listen, support and assist you through your healing journey. 

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Girl, you f***ing got this  

Life is fierce, and so are you. Let’s light it up, live life on your terms and watch the magic unfold. 

Let’s start your journey